Digital, UX, UI


We won a tender from T-Mobile in March 2017. User experience, analytics, and customer journeys were the key to fulfilling all goals and targets. Dozens of wireframes, prototypes, and testings were done. We completely redesigned the homepage, e-commerce section, and rest of the site, with mobile versions included. Bounce rate dropped and purchases from mobile devices skyrocketed to +67 %. We continue to analyze all of the running pages, test them regularly, and iterate to assure long-lasting success.

User experience done right

A completely redesigned user experience and shopping path

  • Creative Director: Tom Garcy
  • User Experience: Robert Blecha
  • Art Director: Tomáš Krejčí, Tom Garcy
  • Client: T-Mobile
T-Mobile – User experience done right
Every element has its place. Nothing is accidental.

More than 300 high-fidelity wireframes and counting. Everything tested with design implemented.