How we do it

How we do it

Our approach to digital, brands,  and products in general

We start each project by gathering as much data as possible. Give us the info you have, and we’ll combine forces to answer essential questions about your product, like: why we’re doing it, who it’s for, what the desired results are, and how we can track its success.  

What, why, for whom?

User Experience

We check the available analytics, heatmaps, and customer behaviors. By analyzing current statuses and pain points, we start to shape the basic architecture of what the product or brand should include. Before actually making the design, we create the screen flow (how the elements are connected) to have a basic overview of the whole project. We also create personas/model users and map their journeys with the product. It doesn’t matter if it’s a website or a brand identity.

Based on the previous steps, we start to draw the first sketches and wireframes. We give shape to an idea and discuss the basic structure, layout, and content. Working side by side with the client at least one day a week is very useful. Real collaboration is fostered by receiving instant reactions and reshaping the product from discussions, not solely relying on feedback via email. All the wires and structures are a mutual product between us and the client. Before selling, we focus on building a product together to test with target groups and personas. We quickly iterate to get the final structures and wireframes so graphic design can begin.

Our work

Architecture, personas, and wireframes are a must in our process.


When we start the graphic design phase, it’s not simply a shot in the dark based on our personal taste or that of our client. With all the previous knowledge and research, we really understand who the product is for and the situations in which they’ll encounter our design.

We create style guides and mood boards to make sure we’re on the same page with you. We then create clickable prototypes, so you can feel the product for real. Included is a design kit and brand manual containing all the elements and how to combine them, which allow you to play around with the product and design it on your own in the future.

Our work
Our work

We then validate our results and collect more data after the product is launched. New data can determine a different direction, so we further iterate the product.

And we always learn.


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