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CTP used multiple web pages for their communication. Our goal was to review all of them, find the structure, and focus on user experience. We spent weeks preparing wireframes and finding the right way to navigate through them. The design comes from the already beautiful offline materials that are strong in typography. We didn’t want the user to get bored, so the layout changes according to content. This is one of the biggest projects (40+ pages) we’ve ever done.

Make CTP great again

Unify dozens of pages with dozens of styles into one

  • Creative Director: Tom Garcy
  • User Experience: Robert Blecha
  • Art Director: Nicky Pekarev
  • Client: CTP
CTP – Make CTP great again
Even though we followed the corporate rules of CTP, we managed to be very strong in the visual aspects.

The key parts of the process were user experience and building a clickable wireframe prototype.

An example of a wireframe (left), transformed into design (right).